About Us

Platinum Oil & Gas Sdn Bhd (Platinum Oil™) has operated on the market since 2010. Our offer is targeted at shops with car accessories, petrol stations, industrial plants, automotive warehouses, car washes, car garages and service workshops, transport deposits as well as agriculture.

The company's offer includes motor, gear, hydraulic and industrial oils, lubricants made by Platinum Oil™. It also offers: paraffin, paraffin masses, consumable liquids, radiator liquids, car care products, as well as car accessories and toll stickers.

The company's qualified staff provides professional technical consulting service, quick and efficient service and deliveries to the address indicated by the client.The company organizes numerous trainings on the products it offers, novelties on the market as well as the changing trends both for its employees and its clients.

As part of its actions, the company provides oil service, with monitoring, and regular analytical-control oil tests. The automotive industry undergoes constant changes and development.New car models and new innovative technological solutions require a constantly updated look at the market of lubricants and consumable liquids. Thus, Platinum Oil™ has to constantly monitor the trends in order to immediately react to the new market requirements.