Frequently Asked Questions

Viscosity index rate that is high which cannot be achieved by mineral base oil. Example : 5W-30, 10W-40 are used at oil based on Semi Synthetic. 5W-40 and 5W-50 are used at oil based on fully synthetic and rich anti-oxide

Can. But advised to use oil with the same type and grade. But if you use mixture oil on certain reasons, advised also to change entire oil in period that is earlier compared to normal period.

Approximately 3 year if kept in ambient temperature 20 celcius degrees. If the engine oil have signs like discoloration (a hazy bit), there is precipitate hard, there is lump like jelly or visible "milky" - the engine oil cannot be used anymore.

Usually, car producers will recommend change of engine oil in 5000km, but depend on use of car. If you merely using car for near distance journey in that period, the engine oil certainly still wonderful and still applicable until 8000 km. Depend on you. But to vehicle used for journey that far frequently, proposed change between engine oil 3000 km - 5000 km.

During vehicle in "cool" temperature -Normally in the morning before engine is started. But if you in chaotic condition, oil level may be inspected after 30 engine minute stopped.

Nano technology definable as a greatest and most impressive discovery in this century. Nano technology usage proven giving benefit and useful to mankind , especially in the field of medicine, electronic, environment control and biotechnology. Nano technology also help to identify pollutant materials through usage him as electronic censor and altogether develop recovery technology on our situation of environment now. Nano particles definable as particle or particle in nano scale, namely 10-9 m or better known as nanometer. Most nano particle is in particle radius that having size 1 to 100 nm. Material physical comparison having size nano is like diameter human hair, namely 70 000 nm, red blood cell , that is on broad 5000 nm and simple organic molecule in range 0.5 to 5 nm. The size that very small and have total surface area that is large is a feature that is unique. This make nano particle have features that especially for used in certain fields.

Nano Technological that used in engine oil is to help engine firing system that is more perfect. Fuel burning perfection in engine can help consumer save the usage of petrol and increase engine performance every time oil pedal pressed.

Some of the advantage of our Platinum Oil Synthetic Gold and Fully Synthetic is:
1. Effective until 15,000km before next lubricating oil conversion.
2. Giving engine protection until 5 times compared to usual lubricating oil.
3. Increasing engine's performance until 90%
4. Easier engine enlivened although in cold weather.
5. Can defend although in hot temperatures..