Our Product

Platinum Oil & Gas Sdn Bhd (Platinum Oil ™) was registered as a trademark in 2010. Platinum Oil ™ has provided superior quality lubricants to motorists, racing car drivers and industrial users, aero, marine, and transportation sector. Our offers is targeted to distributor and spare part center for automotive, industrial plants, aero, marine, and transportation sector also service work-shops. The past few years have seen major changes in the lubricants industry. The rapid pace of change in the lubricants industry will continue to drive Platinum Oil ™ to take on new challenges in the future, pursuing innovative strategies and positioning itself as a key lubricant in the global market. Platinum Oil ™ has successfully penetrated the local market with its comprehensive range of high quality lubricants that provide superior engine protection. Its range of high quality lubricants suits all kinds of engines, old and new. In addition, the company provides a wide selection of transmission fluids and gearbox oils for use in almost any automotive and industrial application. Now with Platinum Oil ™ , you can protect, preserve clean and condition your engine. Enhanced with the Zero Friction Technology (ZFT), Platinum Oil ™ motor oil not only cleans but also helps condition the metals, and makes metal surface tough and smooth and it’s able to withstand friction 4-5 times. Platinum Oil ™ with ZFT is formulated with micro molecules nano technology, which can penetrates into micropores of uneven surface and also protect the engine from heat, wear and tear, for longer engine life and optimum performance. Platinum Oil ™ with ZFT motor oil are formulated to protect engine under the toughest driving condition, either imported or domestic vehicles. Also recommended for passenger cars, trucks, SUVs, minivans, and high performance vehicles that are fueled with petrol and diesel.